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Charell Arnold

Charell Arnold is a Senior Post-Conviction Attorney with OCFW.


Charell Arnold is a Senior Post-Conviction Attorney with OCFW. Prior to joining OCFW, Charell was a Supervising Attorney with Innocence Project New Orleans (IPNO), where she worked since 2013. During her career at IPNO, Charell served as lead post-conviction counsel for five men who were exonerated, having served over 133 years in total for crimes they did not commit. In 2023, she was awarded a Blackstone Award by the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers for her work. While at IPNO, she also worked as a Staff Attorney and Investigator at various points and worked on behalf of many other clients. Charell graduated from Tulane Law School and was awarded the Order of the Barristers. She also holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago. During law school, Charell was a law clerk at the Capital Post-Conviction Project of Louisiana (now the Mwalimu Center for Justice) and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Prior to attending law school, Charell worked as an investigator with the Orleans Public Defenders Office.

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